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George Baker as Wexford.

The Ruth Rendell Mysteries starring George Baker & Christopher Ravenscroft

Once or twice in your life as an actor you come across a part that seems to be what you’ve been waiting for. Reg Wexford was one of these for me. I read the first script and I knew I wanted to play the part. I hope you enjoy watching the Ruth Rendell Mysteries as much as I’ve enjoyed playing Inspector Wexford.

George Baker


Christopher Ravenscroft is Arthur in Barney Norris' tender and uplifting play about family, hope and enduring love. The Watermill Theatre. 31 March - 22 April 2023.
Home, I'm Darling
Jessica Ransom, Diane Keen and Neil McDermott lead the cast in this thought-provoking comedy by Laura Wade about one woman's quest to be the perfect 1950s housewife.


My View
"I keep being asked if there will be another series of Wexford. ITV wants more, but I have turned them down, at least for the time being."
George's charisma made Wexford
"George made Wexford. If some other actor had played the part and hadn't had George's charisma, Wexford would never have become as well known as he did."


The People's Detective
Twelve celebrated fictional television detectives profiled in a six-part ITV3 series.


Cash in the Celebrity Attic
Angela Rippon and the Cash in the Celebrity Attic team visit much-loved Inspector Wexford star George Baker in his beautiful country cottage.


Wexford and Me
George Baker reveals his favourite Wexford titles in ten short films produced by Daisybeck Productions.
Profiling Ruth Rendell
A documentary series from Cactus TV featuring profiles of Britain's finest contemporary crime writers.
Drama Trails
A ten part ITV3 documentary series exploring connections between the UK's favourite TV dramas. In episode ten, Baroness Ruth Rendell takes George Baker on a guided tour of the House of Lords.
Christopher Ravenscroft at Theatre Royal Bath
"It is a treat to work with Peter Hall, a great theatre director of our age."


Super Sleuths
A Documentary series produced by Free@LastTV. Features interviews with George Baker, Christopher Ravenscroft, Louie Ramsay, Mary McMurray, and Neil Zeiger.
Where Wexford Unwinds
A father of five daughters, Baker is married for the third time, to Louie Ramsay who plays on screen wife Dora Wexford.


The Tempest
"This is a very rich, packed play that has so many themes. But it all comes down to facing our innermost selves and making choices. That is what Prospero has to do."
The House in the Woods
"George is a real pro. He plays identical twins. One has been in jail for a murder that his brother committed, and he wants revenge. But we didn't pay George twice!"
Wexford Wives
George Baker was once described by film director Tony Richardson as the worst actor in England.


Coronation Street
Inspector Wexford star George Baker is joining Coronation Street temporarily.


Unpaid Royalties
In 1992, TVS lost its ITV franchise and sadly, the rights to its programme library did not remain within the ITV Network.
By George, an Affair to Remember
The book is in the shops, the cat is out of the bag, and George has no regrets - or at least no more regrets.
Tiled Cottage
"My favourite home is the Thirties cottage that I rented while filming the Rendells."


Harm Done
Wexford is investigating the disappearance of a teenage girl when she suddenly turns up unharmed. Meanwhile, news that a convicted paedophile is being released into the community causes unrest among the residents of Kingsmarkham. Starring Simon Shepherd and Clare Holman.
Wexford to hang up his trilby?
A Hampshire detective with a world-wide reputation for solving the grisliest of crimes could be on the brink of putting his ticket in.
Wexford Returns
George Baker returns to ITV as Detective Chief Inspector Reg Wexford.
I owe my life to Louie
For a man who has had harrowing surgery for cancer, TV star George Baker is looking remarkably well.
Harm Done in Production
"The story is really about abuse, not only the abuse of children but also the abuse of a wife by her husband, and the hurt causes to children and family."


Road Rage
Environmental activists and Kingsmarkham residents unite to fight the construction of a new bypass road through Framhurst Great Wood. Starring Louie Ramsay and Jack Klaff.


I Need a Wife to Look After
"An enormous number of women seem to love me as Inspector Wexford …"
Wexford returns in Simisola
George Baker returns to ITV in the role he made so popular with the dramatisation of Ruth Rendell's latest novel.
Having the Last Laugh
It was while Diane Keen was working on the Ruth Rendell Mysteries that she fell in love with her husband for the second time around.
Inspector Wexford is contacted by his doctor and asked to locate a missing daughter. Starring George Harris, Ellen Thomas, Idris Elba and Jane Lapotaire.
I'm a bit of a fusspot myself
"My family say I get worse when I'm playing Burden."
Ace tec is Back
The return of Reg Wexford after a three-year gap was always going to be special for George Baker.


Little Lord Fauntleroy
Actor George Baker had to change his personality for his part in the BBC's new adaptation of Little Lord Fauntleroy.
Johnny and the Dead
"It's such a fun piece. It's got something for children of all ages. It tells a lovely story."


How Wexford found the clues to true love again
This is for real, and it's a love story that took the show business world by complete surprise.


Wexford's wedded bliss
TV detective George Baker made an arresting sight when he wed his Inspector Wexford wife in real life yesterday.
The home I'll share with Louie
George Baker introduces readers to the lovely home he will soon be sharing with Louie Ramsay.


Little things that remind me of you
Big George Baker will be smiling as he strides around his kitchen, wine glass to hand, putting the finishing touches to his Christmas lunch.
Kissing the Gunner's Daughter
Six months following the chilling murder of Sergeant Martin, his colleagues are still no closer to catching his killer. Starring Jacqueline Defferary, Sean Pertwee, Steven MacKintosh, and Anne Reid.
An Unwanted Woman
Myland Castle has stood for more than 900 years. Now someone—or something—is maliciously pushing cyclists as they ride along the path close to the castle walls. When one of the victims dies, Wexford employs Sgt Martin as bait to catch the killer. Starring Susan Wooldridge and Claire Woodgate.
The Mouse in the Corner
Wexford investigates the murder of a local farmer. Starring Elizabeth Spriggs, Katrina Levon and Victoria Fairbrother.
The Speaker of Mandarin
Wexford travels to China and returns to Kingsmarkham to discover that one of his fellow travellers has been murdered. Starring Virginia McKenna and Norman Rodway.
The Final Series
At Baker's side is Sarah, youngest of his five daughters and an assistant with the production team, who stands ready with a cup of tea.
Last chapter for Rendell's hero?
The end of the road is in sight for ruddy-faced detective Reg Wexford as he returns with four new Ruth Rendell Mysteries.
If only Grandma could be with us now
Wexford star George Baker travels to Australia to meet the grandson born days before his wife died.
Wexford's sidekick prepares to pack his bags
He began as Wexford's strait-laced sidekick; thin, angular Detective Inspector Mike Burden, old-fashioned, conservative and bashful.
The Four Oaks Mystery
Sherlock Holmes teams up with Van Der Valk, Taggart and Wexford for the 1992 ITV Telethon.


Achilles Heel
Wexford and Burden are holidaying with their wives on the island of Corsica when Reg becomes fascinated by a glamorous young couple. Starring Stephen Dillane, Kim Barclay and André Oumansky.
Means of Evil
When Wexford and Burden attend wholefood fanatic Axel Kingman's wedding, they never suspect that they will shortly be investigating the new bride's death. Starring Patrick Malahide and Cheryl Campbell.
From Doon with Death
Margaret Parsons was a shy, unexceptional woman who lived a Spartan existence with her dour husband in a decrepit Victorian house. So why was she murdered in such a vicious and passionate attack? Starring Elizabeth Bennett, Malcolm Storry and Amanda Redman.
Murder Being Once Done
Wexford is drawn to the case of a young woman found murdered in a London cemetery vault. Starring Philip Glenister, Michael Elwyn, Polly Adams and John Forgeham.
A New Lease of Death
Wexford's first murder case is re-opened after thirty years. Starring Peter Egan, Sharon Maughan and Dorothy Tutin.
Why George plans to say goodbye to Wexford
Since actor George Baker stepped into the sensible lace-up shoes of old-fashioned Det Ch Insp Wexford, he has won the hearts of many.
Rendell's Fair Cop
Sitting back, relaxing in his mobile dressing room, Christopher Ravenscroft looks uncharacteristically cheerful.


Put On by Cunning
A celebrated flautist drowns in the grounds of his country estate. Starring Rossano Brazzi and Cherie Lunghi.
An Unkindness of Ravens
The murder of Rodney Williams reveals an amazing double life. Starring Norma West, Karen Westwood and Cheryl Prime.
The Best Man to Die
A young man is murdered on the eve of his best friend's wedding. Starring Tony Haygarth, Barbara Leigh-Hunt and Julia Ormond.
Some Lie and Some Die
A music festival is marred by the discovery of a body in a field. Starring Peter Capaldi, David Lyons and Gemma Jones.


The Veiled One
Wexford narrowly escapes death in a car bomb attack, and Inspector Burden has to take over the case of a woman found dead in a Kingsmarkham car park. Starring Paula Dionisotti and Ian Fitzgibbon.
A Sleeping Life
Wexford investigates the violent murder of Rhoda Comfrey on a lonely canal towpath. Starring Imelda Staunton, Sylvia Syms and Mamta Kaash.
No More Dying Then
An unsolved case, the disappearance of ten-year-old Stella Rivers, still haunts DCI Wexford. Now, one year later, another child is missing. Starring Celia Gregory and Simon Shepherd.


No Crying He Makes
Christmas in Kingsmarkham and one young mother is horrified to discover that her baby has been taken and replaced with another child. Starring Jane Horrocks, Clive Wood and Christine Kavanagh.
Shake Hands for Ever
Wexford knows who killed Angela Hathall but will he find the proof he needs before the murderer escapes justice? Starring Tom Wilkinson and June Ritchie.
A Guilty Thing Surprised
Wexford uncovers dark family secrets dark family when the body of a wealthy woman is discovered in the grounds of Myfleet Manor. Starring Michael Jayston and Nigel Terry.


A Man of many Talents
"I knew I had to play Wexford the minute I set eyes on the scripts."
Wolf to the Slaughter
Wexford investigates the disappearance of a wealthy bohemian socialite.
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Murder, they cry but where is the body? It is a case to baffle Det Chief Insp Reg Wexford, hero of 13 novels by top woman crime writer Ruth Rendell.


Candida Plays
A new national touring company has been formed by the actor George Baker.


Never Dance Again
"I shall never forget the morning I woke to find tears running down my cheeks as though somebody had turned on a bath tap behind my eyes."