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The Veiled One

Those photographs of Greenham Common, letters to the newspapers, that television interview, the meetings she attends, that’s commitment! That’s standing up and being counted when nobody else gives a damn about anything!

Chief Inspector Wexford

Wexford narrowly escapes death in a car bomb attack meant for his daughter, and Inspector Burden has to take over the case of a woman found dead in a Kingsmarkham car park.


DCI Wexford
George Baker
DI Burden
Christopher Ravenscroft
Dora Wexford
Louie Ramsay
Dorothy Sanders
Paula Dionisotti
Lesley Arbel
Camille Coduri
Clifford Sanders
Ian Fitzgibbon
Ralph Robson
Hugh Lloyd 3
Simon Chandler
Sheila Wexford
Deborah Poplett
Roy Carroll
Tony Vogel 4
Serge Olson
David Fleeshman
Archie Greaves
Arthur Hewlett 5
John Whitton
Philip Bretherton
Nina Jago
Paula Jacobs 6
Nicola Resnick
Teohna Williams
Sandra Dale
Gillian Eaton
Ms Moore
Ann Windsor 7
Phil Atkinson
Sally Toft
Filmed on
Kodak Eastman Colour
Processed by
Rank Laboratories, Denham
Panavision Camera supplied by
Music recorded by
Dick Lewzy (CTS)
Production Manager
Graeme MacArthur
1st Assistant Director
Jon Older
Location Manager
Ian Strachan
Pam Sanderson
2nd Assistant Director
Vaughan Watkins
3rd Assistant Director
Charlie Leech
Stage Manager
Mike Fisher
Script Executive
Corinne Cartier 8
Casting Director
Doreen Jones 9
Dialogue Coach
Joan Washington 10
Costume Design
Serena Brown
Makeup Supervisor
Anne Townley
Graphic Designer
Freddie Triccas
Production Buyer
Graham Curtis
Wardrobe Mistress
Erika Pharaoh
Wardrobe Assistant
Emma Ginnett
Design Assistants
Peter Bull, Paul Gowell
Camera Operator
Nick Beeks-Sanders
Focus Puller
Tony Breeze
Clapper Loader
Jo Hidderley
Steve Imeson, Snowdonia Films
2nd Grip
Dick Jacob
Sound Recordist
Maurice Hillier
Boom Operators
Rob Green, Roger Bunney
Dubbing Editor
Mark Thomas
Stunt Co-ordinator
Denise Ryan
Special Effects
All Effects
Stunt Performers
Denise Ryan, Jason White, Rod Woodruff
Chargehand Standby Props
Dick Coombes
Standby Carpenter
Alan Lambert
Standby Painter
Lee Rogers
Construction Crew
Brian Bishop, Gordon Cable, Tony Hand, Mark Papworth, Andy Loveday, Max Grant, Derek Dawson
John Porter, Dave Laraman, Mike Cooper, John Donoghue
Dave Rogers
Gaffer Electrician
Tony McCabe
Chargehand Standby Props
Dick Coombes
Standby Carpenter
Alan Lambert
Standby Painter
Lee Roger
Props Storeman
Steve Thomas
Production Assistant
Graham Scovell
Production Secretary
Debra Cawthorne
Producers Secretary
Cathie Willcocks
Original music
Richard Blackford
Film Editor
Christopher Wentzell
Production Designer
Mark Ward
Director of Photography
Michael Davis
Executive Producer
Graham Benson
Neil Zeiger



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George Baker as Wexford