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Ace tec is Back

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The return of Reg Wexford after a three-year gap was always going to be special for George Baker. The new murder mystery serial, Simisola, is the actor’s 21st outing as writer Ruth Rendell’s ace sleuth since 1987. It’s also the first time George and Louie Ramsay, who plays Wexford’s wife, Dora, have played their parts since they wed in real life in 1993.

“Working with Louie was always very pleasant,” says George, 64, whose second wife, Sally, died in 1992. “But this time it was lovely to take Louie home at the end of the day or come home and know she was there.”

Despite the long gap, George says he slipped back into the character easily. Although he hopes to play Wexford twice more, George thinks they could be his last outings. “I don’t think I’ll ever get fed up with him, but I’m 64, and most policemen retire at 50. Some people say they don’t think I look too old, but I’d like to stop while I can still run.”

George Baker as Wexford