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Little Lord Fauntleroy

BBC1 • New Year’s Day, 1995

Actor George Baker had to change his personality for his part in the BBC’s new adaptation of Little Lord Fauntleroy.

Off-screen, he dotes on his three grandchildren, but in his new role, he is a crotchety old grandpa to the young Lord. George says: “There’s nothing I like more than having my three grandchildren stay.”

His only grumble is that he hasn’t yet persuaded the youngsters to sample his fine cooking.
“They’d much rather have fish fingers and tomato ketchup than anything I produce for tea!”

Although the old showbiz rule warns against working with children and animals, George had no problems with 12-year-old Michael Benz, who plays Cedric Errol, the American boy who leaves New York to live in an English castle. “We became very good friends,” he says.

George will also be back in his familiar role as Inspector Wexford soon. He is about to start filming Ruth Rendell’s Simisola. “Although in real life he would probably have been pensioned off at my age, I’m thrilled that he’s going to be back on TV.”

Michael Benz as Cedric Errol with George Baker as Lord Dorincourt