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Harm Done in Production

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A two-hour film of Harm Done, Ruth Rendell’s latest Inspector Wexford mystery, is to be made by Blue Heaven for United Productions and ITV. George Baker will star as the popular detective for the 23rd time in 13 years. Shooting will begin on Friday 31st March on location and at Bray studios for four weeks.

Harm Done is George Baker’s 23rd appearance as Wexford, and one of the most topical.

“The story is really about abuse, not only the abuse of children but also the abuse of a wife by her husband, and the hurt caused to children and family. It also addresses the prejudice caused by misunderstanding the nature of an abuser. It’s a very cleverly interwoven plot and I believe Ruth Rendell is making something of a political statement. She’s bringing up something that should be addressed by society as a whole, even though some people might prefer to push it under the carpet.”

Note: Harm Done was published last year, adapted for television and filmed a few months before the Paulsgrove riots against paedophiles living amongst children.

George Baker as Wexford