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Mamta Kaash as Malina Patel.

A Sleeping Life

Wexford and I went over to Honfleur to film some of A Sleeping Life. We hugely enjoyed the Normandy lobsters, oysters, sea urchins and crab, the Langue de Boeuf and the Tripes à la mode de Caen.

George Baker 3

The body of Rhoda Comfrey is found on a lonely canal towpath. Subsequent investigations reveal very little about the dead woman or her life. The only clue is a wallet belonging to historical novelist Grenville West that leads Wexford firstly to London and then to France.


DCI Wexford
George Baker
DI Burden
Christopher Ravenscroft
Dora Wexford
Louie Ramsay
Polly Flinders
Imelda Staunton
Lilian Crown
Sylvia Syms 4
Chief Constable Freeborn
Dave Hill
Malina Patel
Mamta Kaash
Chief Supt Howard Fortune
Patrick Drury
DI Baker
William Simons 5
Commissaire Laquin
Olivier Pierre 6
Sylvia Fairfax
Charon Bourke
Neil Fairfax
James Fleet
Victor Vivian
Niall Buggy
DS Martin
Ken Kitson
Dr Len Crocker
John Burgess 7
George Rossi 8
Mrs Cohen
Lesley Joseph
Rose Farriner
Linda Marlowe
Iain Mitchell
Sheila Wexford
Deborah Poplett
Charles West
Neil McCaul
Stella Parker
Caroline Berry
Brian Parker
Mark Aspinall
Rhoda Comfrey
Su Douglas
Shop Assistant
Richard Dixon
Liz Kettle
Hospital Secretary
Josie Kidd 9
Clerk of the Court
Peter Harri
Sgt Clements
Gordon Kane
Robin Fairfax
Matthew Grundy
Production Manager
Lars MacFarlane 10
1st Assistant Director
John Wright
2nd Assistant Director
Stephanie Sullivan
Location Manager
Graeme MacArthur
Gillian Wheeler
Stage Manager
Mike Fisher
Production Secretary
Theresa Smith
Original music composed by
Brian Bennett
Script Executive
Corinne Cartier 11
Casting Director
Doreen Jones 12
Dialect Coach
Joan Washington 13
Serena Brown
Anne Townley
Graphic Design
Freddie Triccas
Mark Ward
Production Buyer
Alan Bates
Technical Supervisor
Roger Chambers
Chief Electrician
Steve Williams
Camera Grip
Steve Imeson
Sound Recordist
A. Graham Fitzgerald
Dubbing Mixer
Danny Curtis
Dubbing Editor
Mark Thomas
Camera Operator
Julian Barber
Lighting Director
Brian Turner
Videotape Editor
Christopher Wentzell
Executive Producer
Graham Benson
Neil Zeiger




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