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An Unkindness of Ravens

Arria Paeta was a Roman matron, the wife of Caecina Paetus. Of course she was obliged to take his name. Ancient Rome was known for its gross oppression and exploitation of women.

Helen Blake

DCI Wexford believes that the disappearance of Rodney Williams is a simple case of a husband who has run off with another woman. But when his body is discovered, buried in a wood, investigations reveal the victim’s shocking double life.


DCI Wexford
George Baker
DI Burden
Christopher Ravenscroft
Dora Wexford
Louie Ramsay
Jenny Burden
Diane Keen
DS Martin
Ken Kitson
Sheila Wexford
Deborah Poplett
Sylvia Fairfax
Charon Bourke
Robin Fairfax
Matthew Grundy
Edgar Ovington
Owen Scott
Dr Len Crocker
John Burgess 2
Sara Williams
Karen Westwood
Jane Gardner
Chloë Annett
Pat Burden
Emma Smith
Helen Blake
Natascha Taylor
Miles Gardner
Sidney Livingstone
Rodney Williams
James Snell
Paulette Harmer
Rachel Robertson
Colin Budd
Gary Mathers
Edwina Fitzgerald
Judith Parish
Wendy Williams
Cheryl Prime
Joy Williams
Norma West
Kevin Williams
Brian Mitchell
John Harmer
Brian Smith
Tim Meats 3
Imogen Boorman
Script Executive
Corinne Cartier 4
Original music composed by
Brian Bennett
Casting Director
Doreen Jones 5
Production Manager
Graeme MacArthur
Location Manager
Ian Strachan
1st Assistant Director
Jon Older
Sian Prosser
Stage Manager
Mike Fisher
Production Secretary
Theresa Smith
Graphic Designer
John Hamon
Costume Designer
Jan Collins
Makeup Supervisor
Deborah McKinlay
Production Buyer
Graham Curtis
Dubbing Mixer
Tony Cunningham
Dubbing Editor
Peter Dansie
Sound Recordist
Maurice Hillier
Camera Operator
Julian Barber
Film Editor
Nigel Bate
Lighting Cameraman
David Feig
Christine Ruscoe
Executive Producer
Graham Benson
Neil Zeiger




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Norma West as Joy Williams