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From Doon with Death

I’d always wanted to write a screenplay for the Rendell Mysteries, so I was delighted to get the opportunity. I don’t think it was easier for me to write From Doon with Death because I was in it. I just tried to think of how Wexford and Burden would act in certain situations. In fact, I never thought of myself as Wexford when I was writing, although I don’t suppose anyone is as well qualified as me—apart from Ruth herself—to know how Wexford thinks by now. I was very pleased with the way it turned out. Mary McMurray and I worked well together. We never had to worry about having the writer on call because I was there all the time!

George Baker

Margaret Parsons was a shy, unexceptional woman who lived a Spartan existence with her dour husband in a decrepit Victorian house. So why was she murdered in such a vicious and passionate attack?

A search of the Parsons’ attic uncovers a collection of expensive books, all dedicated to Minna and signed with love from Doon. Wexford’s search to uncover the identity of the mysterious Doon takes him back to Margaret’s school days and her friendship with a group of girls who have all become successful figures in Kingsmarkham society.


DCI Wexford
George Baker
DI Burden
Christopher Ravenscroft
Dora Wexford
Louie Ramsay
Jenny Burden
Diane Keen
Douglas Quadrant
Geoffrey Bateman
Helen Missal
Amanda Redman
Fabia Quadrant
Elizabeth Bennett
Mr Parsons
Malcolm Storry
Miss Fowler
Petra Davies
Sasha Mitchell
Sgt Willoughby
Colin Campbell 2
Clare Clark
Sally Grace
Di Stevens
Amanda Mainard
Peter Missal
John Salthouse
Dudley Drury
Chris Fulford
Sandy McDade
Margaret Parsons
Julia Chambers
Drury Senior
Norman Tyrrell 3
DS Martin
Ken Kitson
Janet Tipping
Bridget Brammall
Young Margaret
Samantha Edmonds
Young Fabia
Rachel Rogaly
Young Helen
Eleanor Caird
Young Clare
Sophie Thursfield
DCC Freeborn
Dave Hill
Debbie Davidson
Amanda Walker
Mr Burrow
David Timson
William Ilkley
Mrs Stibbs
Jean Marlowe 4
Stanley Page 5
Script Executive
Corinne Cartier 6
Casting Director
Doreen Jones 7
Original music composed by
Brian Bennett
Production Manager
Lars MacFarlane 8
Location Manager
Martin Robinson
1st Assistant Director
David Crabtree
Gwen Hughes
Production Secretary
Sue Bailey
Producer’s Secretary
Cathie Willcocks
Stage Manager
Kerry Bignell
Costume Design
Rita Angell
Makeup Supervisior
Debbie McKinlay
Production Buyer
Alan Bates
Camera Grip
Alan Imeson
Dubbing Mixer
Tony Cunningham
Dubbing Editor
Peter Dansie
Sound Recordist
Maurice Hillier
Camera Operator
Julian Barber
Mark Ward
Lighting Cameraman
Michael D Smith
Film Editor
Nigel Bate
Executive Producer
Graham Benson
Neil Zeiger




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George Baker as Wexford