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Kissing the Gunner's Daughter

We had a lot of night shooting in the woods. I think it was September-October time and the rains came. The lane that we were shooting on was covered in leaves. So not only did the actors and the crew slip everywhere, quite a lot of the cars skidded away as well. And in the middle of the night, it’s no fun if you are really wet and the car suddenly slides off the bank and comes straight at you when it’s not supposed to do so, and you’re not a stuntman. It’s quite unnerving.

George Baker 2

When DS Caleb Martin confiscates a replica gun from his son’s school briefcase, he innocently triggers a tragic chain of events that leads to several deaths, including his own.

The off-duty police officer is callously gunned down in a Kingsmarkham bank during an armed raid that baffles his colleagues. The murder weapon is never found.

Six months later, three people are murdered during a bloody massacre at Tancred House, the country home of the novelist Davina Flory.


DCI Wexford
George Baker
DI Burden
Christopher Ravenscroft
Dora Wexford
Louie Ramsay
Jenny Burden
Diane Keen
Daisy Flory
Jacqueline Defferary
DS Barry Vine
Sean Pertwee
DS Martin
Ken Kitson
Nicholas Virson
Steven MacKintosh
Mrs Virson
Anne Reid
Bib Mew
Jacqueline Tong
DC Karen Malahyde
Sasha Mitchell
Joanna Garland
Bernice Stegers
Sylvia Fairfax
Charon Bourke
Sheila Wexford
Deborah Poplett
Jonathan Hogarth
Nigel Whitmey
Ishbel MacSamphire
Julia Wallace
Brenda Harrison
Susan Brown
Dr Crocker
John Burgess 3
Dr Basil Sumner-Quist
Anthony Higginson
Ken Harrison
Colin McCormack 4
John Gabbitas
Robert Morgan
Fern Britton
Gunner Jones
Billy Murray
Ed Martin
Harry Peacock
Jem Hacking
Joseph Peters
Andy Griffin
James Rylands
Alan Rodgers
Howard Southern 5
Augustus Casey
John Warnaby
Mrs Chowney
Peggy Ann Wood 6
Restaurant Manager
Charles Collingwood
Original music composed by
Brian Bennett
Production Associate
George Baker
Casting Director
Doreen Jones 7
Cat trained by
Ann Head (Animalation)
Stunt Arranger
Denise Ryan
Stunt Drivers
Nick Wilkinson, Paul Jennings, Mark Southworth, Sy Hollands
Special Effects
Steve Tomkow
Computer Programme Designer
Josh Sparks
Production Manager
Graeme MacArthur
Location Managers
Tony Annis, Ian Strachan
1st Assistant Director
Jon Older
2nd Assistant Director
Stephanie Sullivan
3rd Assistant Director
Sarah Baker
Gwen Jones
Production Co-ordinators
Catherine Bolwell, Dawn Mortimer
Producer’s Secretary
Lesley Gourlay
Costume Designer
Rita Angell
Wardrobe Mistress
Sheryl Brittain
Wardrobe Assistant
Richard Evans
Toni Holmes, Deborah McKinlay
Production Buyer
Graham Curtis
Art Director
Peter Bull
Design Assistant
Heather Gibson
John Hamon
Camera Operator
Julian Barber
Focus Puller
Bruce Barraclough
Camera Grip
Alan Imeson
Sound Recordist
Andrew Boulton
Boom Swinger
Geoff Smith
Gaffer Electrician
John Donoghue
Best Boy
Steve Philps
Mick Lay, Roy Robberts
Prop Master
Paul Kearney
Colin Bradbury, Mike Swanston
Standby Propmen
Kenny Palmer, Lee Rogers
Standby Craftsman
Max Grant
Assistant Film Editors
Jim Lownie, Steve Crabb
Dubbing Editor
Peter Dansie
Assistant Dubbing Editor
Mark Newson
Dubbing Mixer
Dave Fallon
Production Accountant
Peter Harvey
Assistant Accountant
Guy Huse
Music recorded by
Dick Plant (Honeyhill Studios)
Film shot on
16mm Eastmancolor
Processed by
Rank Film Labs, Denham
Lighting equipment
Michael Samuelson Lighting Ltd
Grip equipment supplied by
Snowdonia Films
Film Editor
Christopher Wentzell
Production Designer
Mark Ward
Director of Photography
Nigel Walter
Executive Producer
Graham Benson
Neil Zeiger




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Jacqueline Defferary as Daisy with George Baker as Wexford