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    Wolf to the Slaughter

    Wexford investigates the disappearance of a wealthy, bohemian socialite.

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    A Guilty Thing Surprised

    Dark family secrets are uncovered when the body of a wealthy woman is discovered in the grounds of Myfleet Manor.

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    Shake hands for Ever

    Wexford knows who killed Angela Hathall but will he find the proof he needs before the murderer escapes justice?

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    No Crying He Makes

    Christmas in Kingsmarkham and one young mother is horrified to discover that her baby girl has been snatched…

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    No More Dying Then

    Wexford and Burden investigates the disappearance of two children.

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    A Sleeping Life

    Rhoda Comfrey is murdered in a violent knife attack after visiting her elderly father at Stowerton General Hospital.

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    The Veiled One

    Sheila Wexford is arrested for damaging Ministry of Defence property during an anti-nuclear protest and a woman is found garroted in a Kingsmarkham car park.

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    Some Lie and Some Die

    A music festival is marred by the discovery of a body in a field.

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    The Best Man to Die

    A young man is murdered on the eve of his best friend’s wedding.

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    An Unkindness of Ravens

    The murder of Rodney Williams reveals an amazing double life.

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    Put On by Cunning

    A celebrated flautist drowns in the grounds of his country estate. The death is believed to be a tragic accident but Wexford’s suspicions are soon aroused.

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    A New Lease of Death

    Wexford is forced to re-open his first murder case.

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    Murder Being Once Done

    Wexford is drawn to the case of a young woman found murdered in a London cemetery vault.

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    From Doon with Death

    A missing woman’s body is discovered in the woods. With no useful witnesses and a victim known only for her mundane life, Wexford has just one clue: a lipstick found at the scene…

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    Means of Evil

    Hannah Kingman dies in a fall. Was it suicide or was she murdered?

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    Achilles Heel

    Wexford and Burden are holidaying with their wives on the island of Corsica when Reg becomes fascinated with a glamorous young couple.

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    The Speaker of Mandarin

    Wexford travels to China and returns to Kingsmarkham to discover that one of his fellow travellers has been murdered.

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    The Mouse in the Corner

    Eva Peterlee, matriarch of the Peterlee clan, appears surprisingly unconcerned when her eldest son Tom’s battered body is discovered…

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    An Unwanted Woman

    Wexford investigates a suicide and the death of an elderly woman.

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    Kissing the Gunner’s Daughter

    Six months following the chilling murder of Sergeant Martin and his colleagues are still no closer to catching his killer.

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    Inspector Wexford is contacted by his doctor and asked to locate a missing daughter.

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    Road Rage

    A German student is found murdered and Dora is kidnapped by a terrorist group.

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    Harm Done

    A convicted paedophile is released and a child goes missing.