Sheila Wexford is arrested for cutting through wire on a nuclear missile base, Wexford narrowly escapes death in a car bomb attack and Inspector Burden has to take over the case of a woman found garroted in a Kingsmarkham car park…

Cast + Credits

  • DCI Wexford

    George Baker

  • DI Burden

    Christopher Ravenscroft

  • Dora Wexford

    Louie Ramsay

  • Dorothy Sanders

    Paula Dionisotti

  • Lesley Arbel

    Camille Coduri

  • Clifford Sanders

    Ian Fitzgibbon

  • Ralph Robson

    Hugh Lloyd

  • Reese

    Simon Chandler

  • Sheila Wexford

    Deborah Poplett

  • Roy Carroll

    Tony Vogel

  • Serge Olson

    David Fleeshman

  • Archie Greaves

    Arthur Hewlett

  • John Whitton

    Philip Bretherton

  • Nina Jago

    Paula Jacobs

  • NIcola Resnick

    Teohna Williams

  • Sandra Dale

    Gillian Eaton

  • Ms Moore

    Ann Windsor

  • Leary

    Phil Atkinson

  • WPC

    Sally Toft

  • Filmed on

    Kodak Eastman Colour

  • Processed by

    Rank Laboratories, Denham

  • Panavision Camera supplied by


  • Music recorded by

    Dick Lewzy at CTS

  • Production Manager

    Graeme MacArthur

  • 1st Assistant Director

    Jon Older

  • Location Manager

    Ian Strachan

  • Continuity

    Pam Sanderson

  • 2nd Assistant Director

    Vaughan Watkins

  • 3rd Assistant Director

    Charlie Leech

  • Stage Manager

    Mike Fisher

  • Script Executive

    Corinne Cartier

  • Casting Director

    Doreen Jones

  • Dialogue Coach

    Joan Washington

  • Costume Design

    Serena Brown

  • Make Up Supervisor

    Anne Townley

  • Graphic Designer

    Freddie Triccas

  • Production Buyer

    Graham Curtis

  • Wardrobe Mistress

    Erika Pharaoh

  • Wardrobe Assistant

    Emma Ginnett

  • Design Assistants

    Peter Bull
    Paul Gowell

  • Camera Operator

    Nick Beeks-Sanders

  • Focus Puller

    Tony Breeze

  • Clapper Loader

    Jo Hidderley

  • Grip

    Steve Imeson
    Snowdonia Films

  • 2nd Grip

    Dick Jacob

  • Sound Recordist

    Maurice Hellier

  • Boom Operators

    Rob Green
    Roger Bunney

  • Dubbing Editor

    Mark Thomas

  • Stunt Co-ordinator

    Denise Ryan

  • Special Effects

    All Effects

  • Stunt Performers

    Denise Ryan
    Jason White
    Rod Woodruff

  • Gaffer Electrician

    Tony McCabe

  • Chargehand Standby Props

    Dick Coombes

  • Standby Carpenter

    Alan Lambert

  • Standby Painter

    Lee Rogers

  • Construction Crew

    Brian Bishop
    Gordon Cable
    Tony Hand
    Mark Papworth
    Andy Loveday
    Max Grant
    Derek Dawson

  • Electricians

    John Porter
    Dave Laraman
    Mike Cooper
    John Donoghue

  • Props Storeman

    Steve Thomas

  • Driver

    Dave Rogers

  • Gaffer Electrician

    Tony McCabe

  • Chargehand Standby Props

    Dick Coombes

  • Standby Carpenter

    Alan Lambert

  • Standby Painter

    Lee Roger

  • Props Storeman

    Steve Thomas

  • Production Assistant

    Graham Scovell

  • Production Secretary

    Debra Cawthorne

  • Producers Secretary

    Cathie Willcocks

  • Original music composed and conducted by

    Richard Blackford

  • Film Editor

    Christopher Wentzell

  • Production Designer

    Mark Ward

  • Director of Photography

    Michael Davis

  • Executive Producer

    Graham Benson

  • Producer

    Neil Zeiger

  • Directed by

    Mary McMurray

  • A Television South Production