Melanie Akande, the daughter of Wexford’s Nigerian doctor goes missing after being last seen at the Job Centre in Stowerton. The body of a young black woman is found and Wexford immediately fears the worst for the Akande family…

  • George Baker: This is a much more challenging case for Wexford. He could have sworn he would have reacted in a specific and predictable way, but when it comes to it, he finds that he needs to look at himself quite closely. He finds that his beliefs—and those of the people around him—are really put to the test, because, in a small town like Kingsmarkham, they are faced with a problem that they have never encountered before.
  • Alan Plater: My wife Shirley and I have been fans of Ruth Rendell’s work way before it reached the screen. As a highly literate person specialising in thrillers, she’s been a class act from the beginning. I always felt she would be perfect for television. The story is a complex examination of racism and I thought it was terrific for that reason. And I’m very happy because Ruth Rendell has said that she is delighted with what I have produced. I have that in writing, so it could be used in evidence, should the need arise!
  • Jim Goddard: I’d never done a Wexford before and Simisola surprised me. It’s come right down into the street, taking on a much more realistic quality. It’s set in a totally modern context and there’s the challenge of an older guy dealing with modern life from a position of authority. It makes him question the way he wealds his power. It’s no longer finding the squire’s footprint in the snow or a snip of lamb’s wool caught on barbed wire. This is finding your UB40 in the gutter with some chewing gum on it. That aside, it remains a good detective story in the best tradition.
  • Louie Ramsay: It was our first time working as a married couple and it felt completely natural and normal. The only difference was that we came home together after working - and if we ever went out for a meal, we would tend to discuss Simisola. We see Ruth socially and are good friends. She paid us a compliment, saying that she sees George when she writes about Wexford and implied that she sees me as Dora, but in her early books Ruth describes Dora as dark haired and deep chested, whereas I am the opposite!
  • Christopher Ravenscroft: Ruth is a wonderful writer. She creates such vivid characters that they leap off the page. You sense a huge vitality and energy. She’s also marvellous on mood and setting an atmosphere, which is always important. This latest story is quite a departure as she’s become a social commentator.
  • Jane Lapotaire: Anouk Khoori is everything I loathe. She lives an unreal existence and is totally protected from the real world through her money.
  • George Harris: Ruth Rendell shows what happens in nice quarters. I think she’s produced a good balance, powerful and moving, without getting on a soap box. The effect is just right and it will inform people as it goes on, in a much more subtle way than shouting about issues in a heated debate.
  • Robin Kermode: This was the first time I’d ever played a policeman. I loved it. In fact, it was one of the happiest companies I’ve ever worked with. George Baker was so welcoming. On the very first read through, I said there was little in the script about Vine’s character and asked him for some pointers. He said he felt I was spot on with Vine and even though I hadn’t done it before, it just seemed to work. Everyone was very generous and very welcoming, especially as it was such an established series.

Cast + Credits

  • DCI Wexford

    George Baker

  • DI Burden

    Christopher Ravenscroft

  • Dora Wexford

    Louie Ramsay

  • Jenny Burden

    Diane Keen

  • Anouk Khoori

    Jane Lapotaire

  • Dr Raymond Akande

    George Harris

  • Laurette Akande

    Ellen Thomas

  • Sylvia Fairfax

    Charon Bourke

  • Neil Fairfax

    Philip Bird

  • Robin Fairfax

    Adrian Martin

  • Ben Fairfax

    Tom Donaldson

  • DS Karen Malahyde

    Sasha Mitchell

  • DS Barry Vine

    Robin Kermode

  • Swithin Riding

    Michael Cochrane

  • Raffy

    Idris Elba

  • Oni Johnson

    Marcia Tucker

  • Gary

    Daniel Ilsley

  • Dean

    David Doyle

  • Patrick Akande

    Razaaq Adoti

  • Mrs Stowlap

    Barrie Shore

  • Leyton

    Trevor Byfield

  • Ingrid Pamber

    Alison Fielding

  • Percy Hammond

    Charles Simon

  • Mrs Harris

    Pauline Munro

  • Newsreader

    Jane Wyatt

  • Susan Riding

    Naomi Buch

  • Sophie Riding

    Emily Hamilton

  • Bruce Snow

    Shaughan Seymour

  • Carolyn Snow

    Meg Davies

  • Paul Trussel

    Market Trader

  • Kimberley

    Kelly Reilly

  • Zack Nelson

    Guy Oliver-Watts

  • Peter Stanton

    John Middleton

  • Cookie Dix

    Julie Peasgood

  • Alexander Dix

    Robert Fyfe

  • Christopher Riding

    Robert Portal

  • Mr Mavrikiev

    Robin Lermitte

  • Sojourner/Simisola

    Loretta Parnell

  • Minister Fletcher

    Tim Stern

  • Melanie Akande

    Gracy G. Goldman

  • Rosenda Lopez

    Jane Bautista

  • Original music composed by

    Brian Bennett

  • Casting Director

    Doreen Jones

  • Production Manager

    Peter Hider

  • 1st Assistant Director

    Luc Etienne

  • 2nd Assistant Director

    Fay Selby

  • 3rd Assistant Director

    Leon Coole

  • Location Manager

    Georgina True-May

  • Continuity

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  • Production Co-ordinator

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  • Production Secretary

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  • Producer's Assistant

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  • Wardrobe Mistress

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  • Make-up Supervisor

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  • Production Accountant

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  • Floor Runner

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  • Office Runner

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  • Production Transport

    S & S Transport

  • Unit Publicist

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  • Publicity stills

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  • Art Director

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  • Assistant Art Director

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  • Sound Recordist

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  • Executive Producer for Meridian

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  • Film Editor

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  • Director of Photography

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  • Executive Producer

    Graham Benson

  • Producer

    Neil Zeiger

  • Directed by

    Jim Goddard

  • A Blue Heaven Production for

    Meridian Broadcasting