Axel Kingman leaves his lover, the celebrated cookery writer Corinne Last, and marries a much younger woman. Corinne’s generous acceptance of Axel’s new wife impresses everyone; especially Jenny Burden whose friendship with the writer begins to cause a rift within her own marriage…

  • Means of Evil is adapted from two Ruth Rendell short stories: Means of Evil and When the Wedding Was Over.
  • George Baker: The poisonous meal Wexford recreates needed a tin of sild which we couldn’t find anywhere until I managed to get some from Budgen’s in Devizes. I made the dish up at home and took it along to the set. Not often you get the detective cooking up the murder weapon, is it?

Cast + Credits

  • DCI Wexford

    George Baker

  • DI Burden

    Christopher Ravenscroft

  • Dora Wexford

    Louie Ramsay

  • Jenny Burden

    Diane Keen

  • Axel Kingman

    Patrick Malahide

  • Corinne Last

    Cheryl Campbell

  • Dr Crocker

    John Burgess

  • DS Martin

    Ken Kitson

  • Hannah Kingman

    Wendy Morgan

  • Sgt Willoughby

    Colin Campbell

  • John Hood

    Gerard Hood

  • Amyas Ireland

    Michael Hadley

  • Saffron

    Fay Masterson

  • Foreman

    Phil Hearne

  • Shop Owner

    Chris Sullivan

  • Kenneth Gandolph

    John Murphy

  • Script Editor

    Corinne Cartier

  • Casting Director

    Doreen Jones

  • Original music composed by

    Brian Bennett

  • Chamber music arranged by

    Lester Baines

  • Stunt Arranger

    Stuart St Paul

  • TYLER the dog trained by

    Val Tyson

  • Production Manager

    Lars MacFarlane

  • Location Manager

    Martin Robinson

  • 1st Assistant Director

    David Crabtree

  • Continuity

    Gwen Hughes

  • Production Secretary

    Cathie Willcocks

  • Graphic Designer

    The Original Graphics Company

  • Stage Manager

    Kerry Bignall

  • Costume Designer

    Kimberley Foster

  • Make up Supervisior

    Debbie McKinley

  • Designer

    Mark Ward

  • Production Buyer

    Alan Bates

  • Camera Grip

    Alan Imeson

  • Dubbing Mixers

    Tony Cunningham
    Dave Fallon

  • Dubbing Editor

    Peter Dansie

  • Sound Recordist

    Maurice Hillier

  • Camera Operator

    Julian Barber

  • Lighting Cameraman

    Michael D Smith

  • Film Editor

    Nigel Bate

  • Executive Producer

    Graham Benson

  • Producer

    Neil Zeiger

  • Directed by

    Sarah Hellings

  • A Television South Production