Wexford is investigating the disappearance of a teenage girl when she suddenly turns up, unharmed. Meanwhile, news that a convicted paedophile is being released into the community causes unrest in Kingsmarkham. Then, when the three–year–old daughter of a local businessman vanishes, the crowd takes matters into its own hands…

  • George Baker: The story is really about abuse, not only the abuse of children but also the abuse of a wife by her husband, and the hurt caused to children and family. It also addresses the prejudice caused by misunderstanding the nature of an abuser. It’s a very cleverly interwoven plot and I believe Ruth Rendell is making something of a political statement. She’s bringing up something that should be addressed by society as a whole, even though some people might prefer to push it under the carpet.
  • Harm Done was filmed in April 2000 at Bray Studios and at RAF Northolt on the outskirts of London. The producers enlisted the help of the Hampshire Constabulary who ensured that the police incident room and press conference looked as realistic as possible. They set up dummy Police National Computer pages and provided the press releases and the press conference backdrop for a crucial scene in the film.

Cast + Credits

  • DCI Wexford

    George Baker

  • DI Burden

    Christopher Ravenscroft

  • Dora Wexford

    Louie Ramsay

  • Jenny Burden

    Diane Keen

  • Colin Crowne

    Russell Mabey

  • Debbie Crowne

    Annette Bentley

  • Stephen Devenish

    Simon Shepherd

  • Fay Devenish

    Clare Holman

  • Sanchia Devenish

    Scarlett Jenkins

  • Edward Devenish

    Nick Robinson

  • Robert Devenish

    Elliot Henderson-Boyle

  • DS Vine

    Matthew Mills

  • Lizzie Crowne

    Stacey Hart

  • Sylvia

    Charon Bourke

  • Brenda Boswell

    Eve Bland

  • Carl Meeks

    Raymond Trickett

  • Trevor Ferry

    Ian Bartholomew

  • Gillian Ferry

    Susie Baxter

  • Suzanne Smith

    Carol Harvey

  • DS Malahyde

    Sasha Mitchell

  • Thomas Smith

    Brian Pringle

  • Moira Wingrave

    Sarah Badel

  • Vicky

    Ruth Mitchell

  • Jerry

    Keith Newby

  • Jane Andrews

    Sian Webber

  • Tracey Miller

    Rebecca Manley

  • Pathologist

    Bee Jaye

  • Casting Director

    Doreen Jones

  • Casting Assistant

    Helen Benger

  • Associate Producer

    Graeme MacArthur

  • Script Supervisor

    Marissa Cowell

  • 1st AD

    Paul Judges

  • Location Manager

    Peter Chadwick

  • Art Directors

    Paul Cowell
    Victoria Nelson

  • Set Designer

    Paul Crips

  • Production Buyer

    Graham Curtis

  • Camera Operator

    John Hembrough

  • Focus Puller

    Ian Clark

  • Key Grip

    Doug Newton

  • Gaffer Electrician

    John Donahue

  • Sound Recordist

    Rudi Buckle

  • Boom Operator

    John Cassali

  • Dubbing Editors

    Mark Lawes
    Jamie Capel

  • Dubbing Mixer

    Billy Mahoney

  • Costume Designer

    Jan Collins

  • Make Up Designers

    Toni Holmes
    Debbie McKinley

  • Stunt Co-ordinator

    Nick Powell

  • Production Designer

    Christine Ruscoe

  • Director of Photograghy

    Alan Trow

  • Film Editor

    Christopher Wentzell

  • Executive Producer

    Graham Benson

  • Producer

    Neil Zeiger

  • Directed by

    Bruce MacDonald

  • A Blue Heaven Production for United Productions

    Meridian Broadcasting