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Louie Ramsay

Louie Ramsay was a dynamic musical comedy actor who became a dramatic linchpin of Laurence Olivier’s National Theatre Company at the Old Vic and then found wider fame as Dora Wexford, the wife of Inspector Wexford.

Michael Coveney


West Lavington Club honours George Baker
The youth club set up by the late actor George Baker is to be named in his honour.


Louie Ramsay 1929-2011
"She was noted for her warmth, elegance and sense of humour, describing herself as a small woman with a big voice."
George's charisma made Wexford
"George made Wexford. If some other actor had played the part and hadn't had George's charisma, Wexford would never have become as well known as he did."


Profiling Ruth Rendell
A documentary series from Cactus TV featuring profiles of Britain's finest contemporary crime writers.


George Baker receives MBE
"It was an extraordinary occasion. Peter Sallis was there, getting his OBE for Wallace and Gromit, and Zara Phillips was meeting her Gran …"


Super Sleuths
A Documentary series produced by Free@LastTV. Features interviews with George Baker, Christopher Ravenscroft, Louie Ramsay, Mary McMurray, and Neil Zeiger.


The wishes of a dead man sees amateur sleuth Miss Jane Marple being sent on the ultimate mystery tour.


The Grand
An early success for acclaimed screenwriter Russell T. Davies, this peak-time drama series explores the 'upstairs-downstairs' lives of the management, staff and guests of a luxury Manchester hotel in the 1920s.


The Prince & the Pauper
Six-part BBC drama adapted and produced by Julian Fellowes.


The Home I'll Share with Louie
George Baker introduces readers to the lovely home he will soon be sharing with Louie Ramsay.


Strike it Rich!
Somewhere out there are at least a dozen people whose lives will never be the same again and not one of them has the slightest idea it's going to happen to them.


King's Royal
A ten-part BBC period drama starring Louie Ramsay, Eric Deacon and Sally Osborne.


Eden End
JB Priestley's play featuring the cast of the 1974 National Theatre production.


Never Dance Again
"I shall never forget the morning I woke to find tears running down my cheeks as though somebody had turned on a bath tap behind my eyes."


The Five O'Clock Club
Every Tuesday and Friday tea time from 1963 to 1966, children throughout Britain settled down in front of the telly to watch the glove puppet antics of Ollie Beak and Fred Barker on The Five O'Clock Club.


The Strange World of Gurney Slade
Anthony Newley stars as an actor who walks off the set of a banal sit-com and into a fantasy world of his own imagination.


This is Your Life
Louie Ramsay, actress, was surprised by Eamonn Andrews during a performance of a pantomime at the King's Theatre in Edinburgh, from where the programme was then broadcast.


Sunday Girl
Louie takes on the juvenile lead in Twenty Minutes South and stops the show twice on opening night.


South Pacific
A recording of the original 1951 London Production. Featuring a cast of Millicent Martin, Sean Connery, Larry Hagman, June Whitfield, Joyce Blair and Louie Ramsay.

Louie Ramsay