Map of Sunday's Park
Sunday's Park Map taken from the 1973 Wexford novel, Some Lie and Some Die.

Wexford’s investigations take place in the English market town of Kingsmarkham, “a sizeable town somewhere in the middle of Sussex…”

Originally inspired by the West Sussex town of Midhurst, later novels saw the town relocated closer to Lewes and Brighton.

The series producers moved this location over the border to Hampshire where Romsey became the setting for the fictional town.

Although Romsey has a similar feel to Kingsmarkham, the geography is slightly altered in the TV series. Reg and Dora’s home is located close to the police station and Mr Burden’s neat bungalow on Tabard Road is swapped for a house situated on a modern estate.

  1. Cherie Lunghi and George Baker

    Chief Inspector Reg Wexford

    Wexford’s country policeman appearance often leads suspects to underestimate his intelligence and a gruff exterior masks a surprisingly sensitive and thoughtful mind…

  2. Wexford and Burden: Circle of Lebanon

    Inspector Mike Burden

    “Michael Burden was properly of too high a rank to accompany a chief inspector on calls of inquiry. He did so because that was the way they worked, the way it worked…”

  3. Sergeant Martin

    Sergeant Martin

    The Yorkshire copper always seems to end up with the unglamorous jobs like all-night surveillance or acting as a decoy to catch a crazed killer and sadly loses his life in Kissing the Gunner’s Daughter.

  4. Dora Road Rage

    Dora Wexford

    ‘I was always grateful to George Baker for my role as Dora, because in the books she hardly appears…’

  5. Jenny and Mike Burden

    Jenny Burden

    “She is very strong minded, very good at seeing things from two different points of view but once she has made up her mind about an issue, she is difficult to shift…”

  6. Sasha Mitchell: The People’s Detective

    DS Malahyde

    ‘She is really quite dogged and ambitious. She is determined to have her own style and be different. It’s important to her politically—as a feminist—to remain a person in her own right…’

  7. Dr Croker

    Dr Crocker

    Dr Len Crocker (John Burgess) has an impressive combination of roles: Reg Wexford’s oldest friend (both born in Pomfret); a GP; police surgeon and pathologist.

  8. Ted Willoughby

    Sergeant Willoughby

    The desk sergeant is played by Colin Campbell.

  9. Deputy Chief Constable Freeborn


    Like all great British detectives, Wexford has to contend with an unsympathetic, egotistical, uniform-loving superior. Dave Hill plays Deputy Chief Constable Freeborn.

  10. Howard Fortune

    Howard Fortune

    Chief Superintendent Howard Fortune (Patrick Drury) is Wexford’s nephew and head of CID in the London borough of Kenbourne Vale.

  11. Sheila character


    Sheila (Deborah Poplett) is a beautiful, successful actress and undeniably Reg Wexford’s favourite daughter.

  12. Sylvia character


    Sylvia ( played by Charon Bourke) is the Wexfords’ eldest daughter and has always lived in the shadow of her more glamorous younger sister…

  13. Jean Burden

    Jean Burden

    Jean (Ann Penfold) is Mike’s first wife and mother to Pat and John. When Jean dies, Mike is left heartbroken and struggles to cope with his grief, and his new role as a single parent.

  14. John Burden


    Mike’s eldest son is played by Noah Huntley…

  15. Pat Burden


    Mike’s daughter is played by Emma Smith.

  16. Barry Vine Simisola

    DS Barry Vine

    “I played him as a well read, articulate policeman, quite together, who feels that a lot of his time is wasted on paperwork…”