DCI Wexford believes that the disappearance of Rodney Williams is a simple case of a husband who has run off with another woman. But when his body is discovered, buried in a wood, investigations reveal the victim’s amazing double life…

Cast + Credits

  • DCI Wexford

    George Baker

  • DI Burden

    Christopher Ravenscroft

  • Dora Wexford

    Louie Ramsay

  • Jenny Burden

    Diane Keen

  • DS Martin

    Ken Kitson

  • Sheila Wexford

    Deborah Poplett

  • Sylvia Fairfax

    Charon Bourke

  • Edgar Ovington

    Owen Scott

  • Dr Len Crocker

    John Burgess

  • Sara Williams

    Karen Westwood

  • Jane Gardner

    Chloƫ Annett

  • Pat Burden

    Emma Smith

  • Helen Blake

    Natascha Taylor

  • MIles Gardner

    Sidney Livingstone

  • Rodney Williams

    James Snell

  • Paulette Harmer

    Rachel Robertson

  • Colin Budd

    Gary Mathers

  • Edwina Fitzgerald

    Judith Paris

  • Wendy Williams

    Cheryl Prime

  • Joy Williams

    Norma West

  • Kevin Williams

    Brian Mitchell

  • John Harmer

    Brian Smith

  • Parson

    Tim Meats

  • Veronica

    Imogen Boorman

  • Script Executive

    Corinne Cartier

  • Original music composed by

    Brian Bennett

  • Casting Director

    Doreen Jones

  • Production Manager

    Graeme MacArthur

  • Location Manager

    Ian Strachan

  • 1st Assistant Director

    Jon Older

  • P.A./Continuity

    Sian Prosser

  • Stage Manager

    Mike Fisher

  • Production Secretary

    Theresa Smith

  • Graphic Designer

    John Hamon

  • Costume Designer

    Jan Collins

  • Make Up Supervisor

    Deborah McKinley

  • Production Buyer

    Graham Curtis

  • Dubbing Mixer

    Tony Cunningham

  • Dubbing Editor

    Peter Dansie

  • Sound Recordist

    Maurice Hillier

  • Camera Operator

    Julian Barber

  • Film Editor

    Nigel Bate

  • Lighting Cameraman

    David Feig

  • Designer

    Christine Ruscoe

  • Executive Producer

    Graham Benson

  • Producer

    Neil Zeiger

  • Directed by

    John Gorrie

  • A Television South Production