1. Unpaid Royalties

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    In 1992, TVS lost its ITV franchise and sadly, the rights to its programme library did not remain within the ITV Network. George Baker discovered that the series was being broadcast without proper payments being made to the actors and this page tells the story of his battle to recover repeat fees for Wexford episodes shown around the world…

    Inspector Wexford’s Simisola

    5th June 2013 | Region 4

    A two-disc set featuring one Wexford episode (Simisola) plus The Lake of Darkness reissued in Australia.

    Inspector Wexford Collection Volume 1

    12th January 2009 | Region 4

    A five-disc set featuring three Wexford episodes (Simisola, Road Rage and Harm Done) plus The Lake of Darkness released in Australia.

    Kommissarie Wexford

    14th November 2007 | Region 2

    A 4-disc set (Simisola, Road Rage and Harm Done) in English with Danish, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian subtitles.

    Inspector Wexford

    13th November 2006 | Region 2

    Box set released by DD Home Entertainment featuring Simisola (120 min edit), Road Rage and Harm Done.

    Wexford Dutch DVD releases

    9th November 2006 | Region 2

    3 Wexford DVDs were released in the Netherlands in 2006. Inspector Wexford 1 features: Harm Done plus The Lake of Darkness (a non-Wexford Rendell story produced by Blue Heaven for Meridian in 1999). Inspector Wexford 2 features Road Rage and Inspector Wexford 3: Simisola (full-length version) plus a bonus 60 minute episode of Master of the Moor (another non-Wexford story) starring Colin Firth. The DVDs are in English with Dutch subtitles.

    Barbara Vine

    17th August 2005 | Region 2

    A box set of 3 BBC produced Barbara Vine dramas released by Cinema Club in 2005.


    1987 – 1992 | VHS

    All the TVS produced Wexford titles (1987–1992) are available to buy on PAL VHS. These titles are now “out–of–print” but copies can still be found.