Dark Corners book cover

Dark Corners

Published by Hutchinson in 2015

‘When Carl sells a box of slimming pills to his close friend Stacey, inadvertently causing her death, he sets in train a sequence of catastrophic events which begin with subterfuge, extend to lies, and culminate in murder. In Rendell’s dark and atmospheric tale of psychological suspense, we encounter mistaken identity, kidnap, blackmail, and a cast of characters who are so real that we come to know them better than we know ourselves…’

The Girl Next Door book cover

The Girl Next Door

Published by Hutchinson in 2014

‘Before the advent of the Second World War, beneath the green meadows of Loughton, Essex, a dark network of tunnels has been dug. A group of children discover them. They play there. It becomes their secret place. Seventy years on, the world has changed. Developers have altered the rural landscape. Friends from a half-remembered world have married, died, grown sick, moved on or disappeared. Work on a new house called Warlock uncovers a grisly secret, buried a lifetime ago, and a weary detective, more preoccupied with current crimes, must investigate a possible case of murder …’

Archie and Archie book cover

Archie and Archie

Published by Bodley Head in 2013

‘Archie the cat and Archie the dog live next door to each other on a street full of feline friends and foes. Read about their adventures – including Archie the cat spending a scary night trapped in a neighbour's attic – in this gentle, lyrical, completely charming book for younger readers. Perfect for all animal lovers…’

The Saint Zita Society book cover

The Saint Zita Society

Published by Hutchinson in 2012

‘Life in the well-manicured London locale of Hexam Place is not as placid and orderly as it appears. Behind the tranquil gardens and polished entryways, relationships between servants and their employers are set to combust…’

Tigerlily’s Orchids book cover

Tigerlily’s Orchids

Published by Hutchinson in 2010

‘When Stuart Font decides to throw a house-warming party in his new flat, he invites all the people in his building. After some deliberation, he even includes the unpleasant caretaker and his wife. There are a few other genuine friends on the list, but he definitely does not want to include his girlfriend, Claudia, as that might involve asking her husband. The party will be one everyone remembers. But not for the right reasons…’

Midsummer Nights book cover

Midsummer Nights

Published by Quercus in 2009

‘A selection of 10 stories commissioned to celebrate Glyndebourne’s 75th anniversary including The Martyr by Ruth Rendell, a mystical tale based on Handel’s opera Theodora…’

Portobello book cover


Published by Hutchinson in 2008

‘The Portobello area of West London has a rich personality… vibrant, brilliant in colour, noisy, with graffiti that approach art, bizarre and splendid. An indefinable edge to it adds a spice of danger. There is nothing safe about Portobello…’

Collected Stories 2 book cover

Collected Stories 2

Published by Hutchinson in 2008

‘A new collection from Ruth Rendell comprising of the bestselling short stories The new Girl Friend, The Coppper Peacock, Blood Lines, and Piranha To Scurfy…’

Collected Stories 1 book cover

Collected Stories 1

Published by Hutchinson in 2007

‘This title features three classic Ruth Rendell stories: Means of Evil, The Fallen Curtain and The Fever Tree. Ruth Rendell is unequalled in her ability to weave stories that challenge our preconceptions and prejudices, from Wexford and Burden's investigation of a wife's apparent suicide, with all the evidence pointing to the husband in Means of Evil to the unsettling psychology behind a man's friendship with a boy in The Fallen Curtain and the paranoia that plagues two people out of love, terrified of being rejected in The Fever Tree…’

The Thief book cover

The Thief

Published by Arrow Books in 2006

‘What you do in childhood may come back to haunt you Stealing things from people who had upset her was something Polly did quite a lot. There was her Aunt Pauline; a girl at school; a boyfriend who left her. And there was the man on the plane... Humiliated and scared by a total stranger Polly does what she always does. She steals something. But she never could have imagined that her desire for revenge would have such terrifying results…’

The Water’s Lovely book cover

The Water’s Lovely

Published by Hutchinson in 2006

‘Weeks went by when Ismay never thought of it at all. Then something would bring it back or it would return in a dream. The dream began in the same way. She and her mother would be climbing the stairs, following Heather's lead through the bedroom to what was on the other side, not a bathroom in the dream but a chamber floored and walled in marble. In the middle of it was a glassy lake. The white thing in the water floated towards her, its face submerged, and her mother said, absurdly, "Don't look!"' The dead man was Ismay's stepfather, Guy…’

Thirteen Steps Down book cover

Thirteen Steps Down

Published by Hutchinson in 2004

‘A classic Rendellian loner, Mix Cellini is superstitious about the number 13. Living in a decaying house in Notting Hill, Mix is obsessed with 10 Rillington Place, where the notorious Christie committed a series of foul murders. He is also infatuated with a beautiful model who lives nearby - a woman who would not look at him twice. Mix's landlady, Gwendolen Chawcer is equally reclusive - living her life through her library of books. Both landlady and lodger inhabit weird worlds of their own. But when reality intrudes into Mix's life, a long pent-up violence explodes…’

The Rottweiler book cover

The Rottweiler

Published by Hutchinson in 2003

‘The first girl had a bite mark on her neck but they traced the DNA to her boyfriend. But the tabloids got hold of the story and called the killer ‘The Rottweiler’ and the name stuck. The latest murder takes place very near Inez Ferry's antique shop in Marylebone. Someone saw a shadowy figure running away past the station, but the only other clues are that the murderer usually strangles his victims and removes something personal - like a cigarette lighter or a necklace…’

Adam and Eve and Pinch Me book cover

Adam and Eve and Pinch Me

Published by Hutchinson in 2001

‘“Adam and Eve and Pinch Me went down to the river to bathe. Adam and Eve were drowned. Who was saved?” This old nursery rhyme is a favorite of Jerry Leach (if that is the name he is using at the time), a handsome ne'er do well, who sponges off women. Five women, unknown to each other, are his willing victims. One, he even married once and abandoned, while promising to marry another. But, with the cruel irony, he would be the first to recognize in that nursery rhyme, Jerry, almost accidentally, becomes the victim of one of his female prey…’

Piranha to Scurfy and Other Stories book cover

Piranha to Scurfy and Other Stories

Published by Hutchinson in 2000

‘Ruth Rendell's seventh collection of short stories also includes two unpublished novellas. The long title story is about a man whose life, in a sense, is a book. There are shelves in every room, packed with titles which Ambrose Ribbon has checked pedantically for mistakes of grammar and fact. The second novella, High Mysterious Union, explores a strange, erotic universe in a dream-like corner of rural England, and illustrates very atmospherically what range Ruth Rendell has as a writer…’

A Sight for Sore Eyes book cover

A Sight for Sore Eyes

Published by Hutchinson in 1998

‘In Ruth Rendell's dark and contemporary universe, innocent dreams can turn to the most terrible nightmares. Teddy Brex emerges from a loveless, isolated childhood as a handsome but autistic young man. Francine Hill, traumatized by the murder of her mother, grows into a beautiful young woman who must endure the over-protectiveness of an increasingly obsessive stepmother…’

The Keys to the Street book cover

The Keys to the Street

Published by Hutchinson in 1996

‘Mary Jago had donated bone-marrow to save the life of someone she didn't know. This generous act led to her break–up with Alistair, for whom it was as if her beauty had been plundered. However, the man whose life she had saved would change Mary's life in a way she could never have imagined…’

Blood Lines: Long and Short Stories book cover

Blood Lines: Long and Short Stories

Published by Hutchinson in 1995

‘This collection of long and short stories probes the patterns of everyday life to pinpoint the frailties, the desires of deception, and the guilty secrets of human beings. It begins with Bloodlines a story featuring Chief Inspector Wexford and ends with The Strawberry Tree, a novella-length tale of lost innocence set on the island of Majorca…’

The Crocodile Bird book cover

The Crocodile Bird

Published by Hutchinson in 1993

‘When her mother, Eve, tells Liza that she must leave their remote home, the gatehouse of a country mansion, Liza is terrified. Although seventeen years of age, she has never been on a bus or a train, has never played with a child of her own age. She has almost no knowledge of a world described by her mother as evil and destructive. Their strange, enclosed life together is over because Eve has killed a man…’

The Copper Peacock book cover

The Copper Peacock

Published by Hutchinson in 1991

‘A collection of crime stories, including one—An Unwanted Woman—which features Chief Inspector Reg Wexford. The title story concerns a hideous bookmark given to a writer by his attractive cleaning lady. If only she had given herself, instead of the copper peacock, she might have lived…’

Going Wrong book cover

Going Wrong

Published by Hutchinson in 1990

‘The dark, good-looking Guy is from a council flat. Leonora has a mews house in Holland Park, and her mother doesn't care for Guy - or the way he makes his money. His obsession with Leonora increases, even after they have grown apart, until eventually it creates in him a murderous madness…’

The Bridesmaid book cover

The Bridesmaid

Published by Hutchinson in 1989

‘Philip Wardman had more than just the ordinary squeamishness where death was concerned. Yet he could hardly avoid the suspicious disappearance of his sister's friend Rebecca Neave, especially when everyone was ascribing the cause to murder…’

Talking to Strange Men book cover

Talking to Strange Men

Published by Hutchinson in 1987

‘Safe houses and secret message drops, double crosses and defections - it sounds like the stuff of sophisticated espionage, but the agents are only schoolboys engaged in harmless play. But John Creevey doesn't know this. To him, the messages he decodes with painstaking care are the communications of dangerous and evil men, and as he comes face to face with the fact of his beloved wife Jennifer's defection, he begins to see a way to get back at the man she left him for…’

Heartstones book cover


Published by Hutchinson in 1987

‘Sixteen-year-old Elvira's mother is dead. Elvira is sad, of course, but not so sad as her younger sister Spinny. Spinny is afraid their father, Luke, will be heartbroken, but Elvira knows better - after all, Luke has her to take her mother's place. But then Luke brings home a pretty young woman and introduces her as his fiancee, and Elvira decides that she will stop at nothing to stop her father's marriage…’

Live Flesh book cover

Live Flesh

Published by Hutchinson in 1986

‘After ten years in prison for shooting —and permanently crippling—a young policeman, Victor Jenner is released to a strange new world and told to make a new life for himself. It's hard to fill in the days, but at least there's one blessing – he was never convicted for all those rapes he committed. Then Victor meets David, the policeman he shot, and David's beautiful girlfriend, Clare. And suddenly Victor's new life is starting to look an awful lot like the old one…’

The New Girlfriend and Other Stories book cover

The New Girlfriend and Other Stories

Published by Hutchinson in 1984

‘Murder, corruption, blackmail. All these are part of someone else's world, not part of the everyday lives of ordinary people or are they?…’

The Tree of Hands book cover

The Tree of Hands

Published by Hutchinson in 1984

‘Once, when Benet was about fourteen, she and her mother had been alone in a train carriage and Mopsa had tried to stab her with a carving knife. It was some time since Benet had seen her mad mother. So when Mopsa arrived at the airport, looking drab and colourless in a dowdy grey suit, Benet tried not to hate her. But the tragic death of a child begins a chain of deception, kidnap and murder…’

The Killing Doll book cover

The Killing Doll

Published by Hutchinson in 1984

‘The winter before he was sixteen, Pup sold his soul to the devil. He wasn't quite sure what he was going to get in exchange. For the time being, all he asked for was to be happy, and to grow a bit taller. Even though she was older than Pup, Dolly was always in awe of her brother. More and more, she wanted to believe that he had occult powers and could do anything. Magic could remove the birthmark from her face and make her normal. Magic could kill their wicked stepmother…’

The Fever Tree and Other Stories book cover

The Fever Tree and Other Stories

Published by Hutchinson in 1982

‘In this collection of eleven stories, murder is committed for reasons of fear, jealously, cupidity, and out of sheer compulsion, while the settings include an African game park, a sinister ruined cemetery, an East Anglian seaside resort, and the gloomy purlieus of Epping Forest…’

Master of the Moor book cover

Master of the Moor

Published by Hutchinson in 1982

‘The Vangmoor was a dark, forbidding place. One victim had been found there with her face disfigured and her hair shorn close to the scalp. Then a second woman disappeared on the moor, and a sense of dread gripped the 50 local men who searched for her. Someone was watching; was it the killer?…’

The Lake of Darkness book cover

The Lake of Darkness

Published by Hutchinson in 1980

‘Martin Urban wins the pools and decides to help those less fortunate. Finn also comes into money and wants to help people—but only if the price is right. The good intentions of the one become fatally entangled with the macabre madness of the other…’

Make Death Love Me book cover

Make Death Love Me

Published by Hutchinson in 1979

‘Alan Groombridge is married to a woman he doesn't like, and is doomed to a life of boredom and tedious routine. All that saves him is a fantasy of stealing enough money for just one year of freedom…’

A Judgement In Stone book cover

A Judgement In Stone

Published by Hutchinson in 1977

‘Four members of the Coverdale family died in the space of 15 minutes on St Valentine's Day. Eunice Parchman, the housekeeper, shot them down on that Sunday evening while they were watching opera on television, and was arrested two weeks later. But the tragedy neither began nor ended there…’

The Fallen Curtain and Other Stories book cover

The Fallen Curtain and Other Stories

Published by Hutchinson in 1976

‘A wife plots her husband's psychological destruction - then his murder; a son is ruined by his mother's obsession; a man marries the woman he rescues from suicide, only to become the victim of her obsessiveness; and a family feud brings unimaginable horror…’

A Demon in my View book cover

A Demon in my View

Published by Hutchinson in 1976

‘Her white face, beautiful, unmarked by any flaw of skin or feature, stared blankly back at him. He fancied that she had cringed, her slim body pressing further into the wall behind her He didn't speak. He had never known how to talk to women. There was only one thing he had ever been able to do to women and, advancing now, smiling, he did it. Then, when it was all over, he straightened her against the wall so that she would be ready to die for him again…’

The Face Of Trespass book cover

The Face Of Trespass

Published by Hutchinson in 1974

‘Two years ago he was a promising young novelist. Now he barely survives, in a near-derelict cottage with only an unhooked telephone and his own obsessive thoughts for company. Two years of loving Drusilla, but the affair is over and the long slide into deception and violence has just begun…’

One Across, Two Down book cover

One Across, Two Down

Published by Hutchinson in 1971

‘There are only two things that interest Stanley: crosswords and getting his hands on his mother's money, which he has dreamed about for 20 years. He finally realises that he must construct a puzzle of his own in order to give death a helping hand…’

The Secret House of Death book cover

The Secret House of Death

Published by John Long in 1968

‘Susan Townsend was the only resident with no interest in the affair going on next door in Orchard Drive, or in the neighbourhood gossip about it. Yet it was Susan who found the bodies of the lovers locked in death. And it was Susan whose own life would be imperilled by a monstrous crime…’

Vanity Dies Hard book cover

Vanity Dies Hard

Published by John Long in 1966

‘Alice Whittaker was 37, rich but dowdy, with no career. Her life a lonely failure, she had got by with the one thing she did have—money. Then handsome Andrew Fielding came into her life, and just as suddenly her beautiful friend, Nesta, vanished from it—leaving a trail of confusing clues…’

To Fear a Painted Devil book cover

To Fear a Painted Devil

Published by John Long in 1965

‘Like any small community, Linchester has its intrigues: love affairs, money problems, unhappy marriages. But the gossip is elevated to new heights when young Patrick Selby dies on the very night of his beautiful wife's birthday party…’