1. Trailer for The Notorious Mrs Ebbsmith

    21st March 2014

    Director Abbey Wright, and actors Rhiannon Sommers and Christopher Ravenscroft talk about The Notorious Mrs Ebbsmith by Arthur Wing Pinero, at Jermyn Street Theatre 8 Apr - 3 May 2014.

  2. The Stepmother - video

    4th February 2013

    Director Sam Walters, and actors Katie McGuinness and Christopher Ravenscroft talk about The Stepmother by Githa Sowerby, at the Orange Tree Theatre 6 Feb - 9 Mar 2013.

  3. My View

    26th November 2011

    ‘I keep being asked if there will be another series of Wexford. ITV wants more, but I have turned them down, at least for the time being…’

  4. George Baker 1931 – 2011

    11th October 2011

    ITV3 are showing the Wexford edition of Super Sleuths on Tuesday at 10:35PM as a tribute to George who sadly died on Friday.

  5. Louie Ramsay 1929 – 2011

    8th March 2011

    I am sad to announce that Louie passed away peacefully on the afternoon of Sunday, 6th March 2011.

  6. The People’s Detective on ITV3

    23rd July 2010

    Details of the 2010 Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards Season including the shortlists for the Crime Writer’s Association (CWA) Daggers were announced today at Harrogate Crime Writing Festival.

  7. Lost and Found

    25th February 2010

    Christopher Ravenscroft in a rehearsed reading of Nell Dunn’s play.

  8. Crime Thriller Awards Season 2008

    18th August 2008

    Six of Britain’s finest crime writers have been nominated for ITV3’s inaugural Writer’s Award for Classic TV Drama. The nominees are Colin Dexter, Ian Rankin, PD James, Ruth Rendell, Val McDermid and Lynda La Plante.

  9. Not in the Flesh

    28th July 2008

    Ruth Rendell tells More4 News that she does not think the government are doing enough to fight female genital mutilation.

  10. The Best of Ruth Rendell Mysteries

    1st February 2007

    Network DVD is delighted to announce the release of The Best of Ruth Rendell Mysteries, a nine-disc set featuring seventeen TV adaptations of stories written by the Queen of Crime, Ruth Rendell, starring some of the biggest names of British stage and screen.

  11. My First Home

    22nd October 2006

    The first home I remember well was a small house in St Helen’s Road, Booterstown, Dublin…

  12. Where Wexford Unwinds

    9th July 2006

    A father of five daughters, Baker is married for the third time, to Louie Ramsay who plays on screen wife Dora Wexford. They live in the village of West Lavington in Wiltshire, six miles from Devizes…

  13. The Tempest

    8th September 2005

    ‘This is a very rich, packed play that has so many themes. But it all comes down to facing our innermost selves and making choices. That is what Prospero has to do…’

  14. Midsomer Murders

    4th July 2005

    George Baker will appear as identical twins who try to murder each other in The House in the Woods: a new Midsomer Murders episode that will be shown on ITV1 in the Autumn.

  15. Wexford Wives

    12th April 2005

    George Baker was once described by film director Tony Richardson as the worst actor in England. That was in his early days, long before he made Ruth Rendell’s character Detective Chief Inspector Reg Wexford, his own, and it was hardly surprising that George lost his confidence…

  16. Coronation Street

    13th November 2003

    Inspector Wexford star George Baker is joining Coronation Street temporarily. The acclaimed actor will take on the role of Corrie legend Bet Lynch’s besotted love interest Cecil Newton for seven special episodes…

  17. Unpaid Royalties

    20th October 2002

    In 1992, TVS lost its ITV franchise and sadly, the rights to its programme library did not remain within the ITV Network. George Baker discovered that the series was being broadcast without proper payments being made to the actors and this page tells the story of his battle to recover repeat fees for Wexford episodes shown around the world…

  18. Tiled Cottage

    15th September 2002

    My favourite home is the Thirties cottage that I rented while filming the Rendells.

  19. Wexford to hang up his trilby?

    1st October 2000

    A Hampshire detective with a world-wide reputation for solving the grisliest of crimes could be on the brink of putting his ticket in…

  20. Wexford returns

    1st October 2000

    After a break of two years, George Baker returns to ITV as Detective Chief Inspector Reg Wexford in a two-hour adaptation of Ruth Rendell’s latest crime thriller.

  21. I owe my life to Louie

    2nd September 2000

    For a man who has had harrowing surgery for cancer, TV star George Baker is looking remarkably well.

  22. Harm Done: In Production

    1st March 2000

    A two-hour film of Harm Done, Ruth Rendell’s latest Inspector Wexford mystery, is to be made by Blue Heaven for United Productions and ITV. Shooting will begin on Friday 31st March on location and at Bray studios for four weeks.

  23. I Need a Wife to Look after

    7th August 1996

    An enormous number of women seem to love me as Inspector Wexford. I haven’t the faintest idea what it is that attracts them to him. How they can think that fat old man is in any way handsome, I don’t know…

  24. Wexford returns in Simisola

    30th May 1996

    George Baker returns to ITV in the role he made so popular with the dramatisation of Ruth Rendell’s latest novel Simisola—her first new Wexford story for three years—and he brings with him his screen wife Dora, played by Louie Ramsay, whom he married in real life in 1993…

  25. Having the Last Laugh

    6th February 1996

    It was while Diane Keen was working on the Ruth Rendell Mysteries that she fell in love with her husband for the second time around. He is Neil Zeiger, executive producer of the series.

  26. I’m a bit of a fusspot, myself…

    20th January 1996

    Christopher Ravenscroft would make a very good detective. As Wexford’s strait-laced sidekick DI Mike Burden, he has such a natural gravity it’s hard to believe he’s not for real.

  27. Ace tec is back…

    20th January 1996

    The return of Reg Wexford after a three-year gap was always going to be special for George Baker. The new murder mystery serial, Simisola, is the actor’s 21st outing as writer Ruth Rendell’s ace sleuth since 1987. It’s also the first time George and Louie Ramsay who plays Wexford’s wife, Dora, have played their parts since they wed in real life in 1993…

  28. Alter anything but the spirit

    18th March 1995

    “Authors don’t really know anything about casting, locations, directing anything like that. But what’s most important to me is that the spirit of the book is not lost.”

  29. How Wexford found the clues to true love again

    25th September 1994

    They sit across the table gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes… No, it’s not a scene from some glitzy Hollywood mini series or the latest coffee commercial. This is for real, and it’s a love story that took the show business world by complete surprise.

  30. Wexford’s Wedded Bliss

    26th September 1993

    TV detective George Baker made an arresting sight when he wed his Inspector Wexford “wife” in real life yesterday…

  31. Little things that remind me of you

    24th December 1992

    Big George Baker will be smiling as he strides around his kitchen, wine glass to hand, putting the finishing touches to his Christmas lunch. It won’t be easy for him. It’s his first Christmas without his beloved wife, Sally, who died of cancer earlier this year.

  32. Last chapter for Rendell’s hero?

    26th September 1992

    The end of the road is in sight for ruddy-faced detective Reg Wexford as he returns with four new Ruth Rendell Mysteries. The kindly copper’s very last case will be called Kissing the Gunner’s Daughter - the final episode in the new series starting this week…

  33. The Final Series

    26th September 1992

    George Baker is hard at work doing what he does best. Ever the professional actor, he is never late on set and rarely needs to glance at the lines that lie on his lap, as he sits rehearsing…

  34. The Four Oaks Mystery

    7th May 1992

    Sherlock Holmes teams up with Van Der Valk, Taggart and Wexford to solve a special murder mystery written by Ian Kennedy Martin for the 1992 ITV Telethon…

  35. Rendell’s Fair Cop

    7th February 1991

    Sitting back, relaxing in his mobile dressing room on location for ITV’s brand new three-part Ruth Rendell Mystery, Christopher Ravenscroft looks uncharacteristically cheerful…

  36. Very Private Detective Writer

    20th July 1988

    As Chief Inspector Wexford continues his investigations in A Guilty Thing Surprised, Peter Guttridge travels to Suffolk to meet the gallant policeman’s creator, best-selling author Ruth Rendell…

  37. A Man of many Talents

    3rd August 1987

    “I knew I had to play Wexford the minute I set eyes on the scripts…”

  38. Wolf in sheep’s clothing

    1st August 1987

    George Baker stars as Wexford, the latest in a long line of television detectives, in Wolf to the Slaughter, dramatised in four parts and starting on ITV this Sunday.

  39. Candida Plays

    30th July 1969

    A new national touring company has been formed by the actor George Baker.

  40. Never Dance Again…

    1st July 1966

    I shall never forget the morning I woke to find tears running down my cheeks as though somebody had turned on a bath tap behind my eyes. “Whatever’s wrong?” I asked myself. “Is it flu?” I didn’t know it then, but I was on the eve of a terrible sickness which was to wreck my career…